Padron peppers

This small semi-spicy pepper (Padron variety) is our flagship product at Horsal Cooperative. Pan fried in olive oil it is one of the most typical and delicious Spanish “tapas”. We grow them with traditional seeds, from our own selection, in a tradition which comes from the Seventeenth Century, when Franciscan monks of the convent of Herbon (Padron, A Coruña), brought these seeds from the New World, then spread them throughout the area of Rias Baixas.

Using these native seeds rather than modern commercial varieties, we keep varying levels of capsaicin, the substance that causes the typical spiciness: “some are hot, others are not” is the popular idiom we have related to this.

We also use biological control for the main crop pests (Orius laevigatus and Swirskii amblysius against thrips, Aphidius sp and ladybirds against aphids…) and trap/repellent plants (Chinese carnation and basil for thrips, nasturtium as aphid repellent, chrysanthemum, mint…)

Season: from April to October.
Presentation: Bulk: 3 kg cardboard boxes; wooden boxes of 5 kg.
Manipulado: flow-pack de 300 y 400 gr.