Horsal Cooperativa




Vegetable producers of Galicia

We are dedicated to the production and marketing of vegetables from Galicia: Padrón pepper, green bean, cabbage, lettuce, onion, turnip tops, tomato …

We are one of the largest organizations in the field of the Atlantic horticulture, 90 families from different areas of Galicia, although with a greater presence in the O Salnés region, that we join together seeking the best way to reach you with the fruit of our work.

Striving to combine the best of our tradition, the good work that we learned from those who preceded us, with innovative techniques and the most recognized quality standards, we seek the satisfaction of our customers, both small local stores and the largest food distribution chains in Spain.

Of the greatest safety, freshness, flavor and sustainability, both social and environmental.

Padron peppers
Batavia Salad Xantasán
Organic Products

Horsal Sociedad Cooperativa

Horsal S.C.G. was established in 1985 by 16 growers, visionaries who took forward an exciting project, with few resources and a lot of determination, with the aim of dignifying agriculture as their livelihood and looking, through the creation of a cooperative, for a way to economically and socially develop the area of O Salnés (Rias Baixas, Galicia

Our institutional supports

“The European Union, through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), supports the expansion project of the Horsal SCG horticultural plant and the implementation of a line of fresh-cut salads, amounting the eligible investment to € 701,048.76 , for which a total public aid of € 245,367.07 was granted (or 75% financed by the EAFRD). With this project the cooperative seeks to expand its range of products, with presentations that better adapt to the needs and tastes of the consumer ”.

“Deputación de Pontevedra supports, through its grants to the agricultural cooperatives of the province in 2022, the investment of Horsal in the “Acquisition of an automatic netting machine”, amounting the eligible investment to € 40,700.00, and the grant awarded to € 20,350.00”.