We are a cooperative dedicated to growing and selling vegetables and fruit

Horsal S.C.G. was established in 1985 by 16 growers, visionaries who took forward an exciting project, with few resources and a lot of determination, with the aim of dignifying agriculture as their livelihood and looking, through the creation of a cooperative, for a way to economically and socially develop the area of O Salnés (Rias Baixas, Galicia).

Since those difficult beginnings there have been ongoing efforts of learning, innovation and professionalism, in order to improve a little bit each day. As the years went on, new partners were integrated, the geographic area of influence expanded, incorporating new crops and new techniques, undertaking major investments in facilities and equipment.

These thirty years of continuous learning have made Horsal an organisation with a solid culture oriented to ‘your healthy eating’. At every stage from crop planning to when the products arrive with our consumers, we thoroughly take care of every process and procedure: monitoring the crops, and working out the optimum moment for harvesting, handling and packaging in our facilities. This enables us to offer you:

a product with the highest security freshness social sustainability environmental sustainability

¡Your healthy eating!

We strive to combine the best of our tradition and the knowhow we have learnt from our predecessors, with innovative techniques and the highest standards of quality and procedure control

Harvesting of native seeds

in crops such as semi-spicy peppers (Padron variety), flattened onion, turnip and some varieties of tomato.

Pest control in most of our crops is biological

(Orius laevigatus and Swirskii amblysius against thrips, Aphidius sp and ladybirds against aphids...) and trap/repellent plants (Chinese carnation and basil for thrips, nasturtium as aphid repellent, chrysanthemum, mint...).

In 2009 we carried out the first external reference

product certification in order to independently guarantee the quality of what we do. In 2015 we were awarded certification of the international quality standard Global GAP, an important step for us demonstrating the thoroughness of our work.

Bringing value to our customers

Among others, we currently supply the following retailers:

We also supply several local customers, groceries, market stalls and food service companies. We also have customers in the United Kingdom n and The Netherlands.